Linekin Bay Resort offers free use of their canoes and kayaks! Meanwhile Boothbay Harbor itself has plenty of outdoorsy activities, from whale watches and hikes to casual strolls through downtown and nearby botanical gardens. If you're looking to get off the property and explore coastal Maine, here are a few recommendations. Everything should be within a 20-minute drive from Linekin Bay Resort. 


Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

These gardens opened in 2007 and they are spectacular. Set on 270 acres of tidal shoreland, they feature stunning displays of local Maine flora set along the rugged coast. You can take boat excursions through the property, as well as walks and guided tours.

Cap'n Fish's Boothbay Boat Tours

What do you wanna see — whales? Puffins? Lighthouses? Cap'n Fish offers a variety of boat tours that cater to all manner of coastal gawking. These tours depart from the main wharf in downtown Boothbay and last anywhere between one and three hours. Dress warm. It gets windy out there.


Stroll through Downtown Boothbay Harbor

Is there any other way to walk through a touristy town than to "stroll"? Does anyone ever shop in these tourist-town art galleries? We don't, but maybe that's because we're not married yet. Anyway, downtown Boothbay is a lovely place to stroll, eat lunch, ignore art galleries, and buy souvenirs like, say, a lobster christmas ornament or a box of saltwater taffy. Or you can nail the perfect Instagram shot: hand on your hip, head tossed over your shoulder, feet staggered confidently astride a rustic dock—feel the FOMO, losers! We suggest you use the Aden filter, which was actually first developed in the 1930's by famous Maine photographer Aden Pinemoose. Obviously that last sentence is not true. 

Go Lobstering!

For a reasonable fee, this salty old Mainer will take you on his boat and show you his lobsters and tell you old tales of the sea. Maybe he'll let you throw a lobster trap in the water yourself! Or show you the secret location of his best lobster pots? We're not sure because we've never met him.  But the folks at the hotel suggested him and his Facebook page looks charmingly primitive and his name is Clive and his boat is called the "Sea Swallow" so it's probably a good deal.

Hike around Boothbay Region Land Trust

But what about hiking? We get it, you like hiking. It's a great way to feel healthy and satisfied with yourself! And once you've completed such a wholesome exercise activity, you can feel ok about debauching yourself at the wedding ceremony later!  Boothbay Region Land Trust includes 30 miles of hiking trails rated from easy to challenging. Each trail is just a few miles long so you can get back and showered and dressed in time for the ceremony. Remember, the dress code is downeaster chic. 

Ovens Mouth Trail

Ovens Mouth Trail