Please be more specific. 

How did they MEET? 

Five years ago, Burt Helm and Kelly O'Connell met using OkCupid, a website that facilitates human meetings using matching algorithms based on personality quizzes and other factors. When they first met in person, Burt went in for a greeting hug but Kelly, who had been soured on the whole online dating thing by previous bad dates, pivoted and put out a hand to shake. The rest of the date went better, thankfully. By the end of the date Kelly agreed to hug Burt. And the rest is history.

I'm a traditionalist. What happened to meeting in real life? 

How interesting that you should mention that. Ironically, Burt and Kelly almost met on at least two occasions in real life. Once, on Valentine's Day in 2008, they ate in the same crappy Chinese food restaurant just a few feet from each other with their respective friends, but the parties did not interact. Another time, Burt had a ticket to go to a music festival Kelly attended but he decided not to go at the last minute. 

Huh, that is sort of interesting.

Right? These almost-meetings raise all sorts of fun-to-think-about questions regarding fate and coincidence and whether we ever really see the opportunities right in front of us. Unfortunately these are beyond the scope of this FAQ.

Anyway, when did things get serious? 

Oh, Burt and Kelly are rarely serious! Ha, ha, ha! 

Why did they pick Maine for the Wedding? Isn't Kelly from California? 

Kelly is originally from Pennsylvania. 

But how did they pick Maine? 

Burt grew up there, for one thing. But over the years, he has also invited many friends to spend a long weekend at his family's little cabin (or "camp" in Mainespeak). Burt and Kelly love those weekends, and love hosting friends in Maine. So they decided that a weekend in Maine, at a camp, would be enjoyable for all of their family and friends, and also "so them." 

Ok, I'm sold. How do I get there? 

Great! The closest airport is the Portland International Jetport (PWM) and is about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Boothbay Harbor, via I-295 N and US-1 N. Whether you're driving up the coast or flying into Portland, we recommend a pitstop in Freeport on your way to check out the L.L.Bean flagship store and grab a lobster roll at Day's Crabmeat and Lobster. (Burt almost proposed at Day's, but didn't get the ring in time.)

What kinds of things are there to do in Boothbay Harbor? 

 In addition to the main events, we are planning some fun optional activities and compiling a list of our favorite local spots, too. We will update that as the date approaches. Please check back in the WHERE tab soon.

Is there some kind of "camp packing list" for this?

Not officially, but keep in mind: the weather in Maine can be unpredictable. The average temperatures range between 60 (during the day) and 40 (at night) during that time of year. The coastline is rocky. Rain might fall. Accordingly, cozy layers, sturdy shoes, and a water-resistant jacket are all advisable. So is a headlamp or flashlight for those shadowy walks between the cabins and fire pits. The resort will supply the firewood, so please don't bring any more. Mosquitos shouldn't be a problem at this time of year. Please don't bring any of them either. 

Can I bring my small children?

Of course! However, we kindly ask that no children under 4 attend the reception. We can help you arrange on-site babysitting for this, if needed. Otherwise, kids can party all weekend. 

Can I bring my dog(s)? 

Certainly! Please request this when you book the room as there are a limited amount of pet-friendly cabins available. Additional fees may apply.